how to get rid of carpenter ants


I have been seeing large carpenter ants around my back deck and want to know how to get rid of them. They are quite strong and hard to kill compared to other ants I've had over the years. It looks like they're living in the yard somewhere because I keep seeing them walking out into the grass but I don't see any mounds or nests. How do I get rid of them?

Carpenter ants can be a real problem once they nest on or in your home. I'm not sure you have a nest in your house just yet and hopefully you don't. Since carpenter ants can cause a lot of damage, they're the one type of ant you never want nesting inside your house.

For starters, I suggest you read through our on line article about CARPENTER ANT CONTROL. There you'll find most of your questions answered about the biology and recommended treatments for this ant. Based on the information you listed above, I think a good foundation spraying with TERMIDOR will keep them out. For the ants that are foraging around in the grass, apply some CARPENTER ANT GRANULES. This food based bait they seem to love and will quickly accept your placements. Once they feed, any nests close by will die and this should insure you don't get new nests on your house.

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