boring ants in siding


I've had large black boring ants that seem to be drilling holes in my cedar siding. I watch them go into several different cracks between the siding shakes and all day long you can see little wood shavings fall out if you watch long enough. They must be boring in the wood and I'm afraid they're causing damage. What can I treat with here?

The best product for treating boring ants in wood siding is the Drione Dust. Use a Hand Duster to apply it and you'll get a quick kill because the dust penetrates like no liquid can. Boring ants will move up into siding because it provides an excellent location for them to build a nest as our on line Boring Ant Article explains. This video shows boring ants in siding being treated so you can understand why Drione is ideal for ant problems located in the siding of a home.

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