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I've been seeing carpenter ants around my house and I'm pretty sure I have some kind of infestation. I just have no idea where this might be. Is there anything I should do? I see 5-10 walking around all the time but they don't seem to be going any place. Where is there nest? What can I do?

As explained in our CARPENTER ANT CONTROL article, these ants do nothing but forage around all day looking for food and working on their nests. I suggest you read the article which will provide a lot of insight to this ant as well as some practical things you can do to minimize this activity. I do suspect there is a nest either on the home or close by based on how much activity you said you see. But I have seen where they could be this active and still be living off the property.

As you'll learn in our article, there is usually a few things needed to control most infestations. And in most cases, knowing where their nest is located can be a big help in getting a quick resolution to the problem. That being said, your activity can best be controlled by baiting and spraying. Apply some MAXFORCE GRANULES to the yard which should cut down on the foraging. Next, spray the foundation with the TERMIDOR CONCENTRATE. This will provide much needed protection in case they are currently accessing the home in some location you cannot see. The way Termidor works, you'll be able to effectively control any nest on or in the home whether you know where it exists or not. Lastly, if you start seeing any inside the home, use the PHANTOM AEROSOL. It works like the Termidor and can solve problems even when you don't know where the nest is located.

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July 4, 2011

guest @ 8:08 am #

We have lived in this house for 20 yrs and never saw carpenter ant before. But this year I saw them in the house since May. I have tried HOME DEFENSE without response.
What should I do?

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