Large black ants with wings


I've been seeing large black ants with wings around my bedroom window. I didn't see them last year but I did notice some big black ants walking outside the house on the wall just below that same window. Now I'm thinking these are related. Do I have some kind of ant problem?

You're describing carpenter ants and I'm pretty sure the ones with wings are what we refer to as carpenter ant swarmers. These are special ants also known as reproductives which colonies send out every spring and fall to start new colonies. Since they will only emerge from established nests, it's reasonable to assume you had an active nest last year which is now releasing these ants to go and start new colonies somewhere else. Because the nest is on the home, some are finding their way inside instead of outside where they really want to be. Since carpenter ants can cause a lot of damage to wood, you'll need to treat the nest as described in our CARPENTER ANT CONTROL ARTICLE.

Since you're finding them close to the window, one would naturally think the nest is somewhere in the vicinity. In fact this is a common location for carpenter ant nests to exist. But to be sure you need to follow the directions we outline in our article on how to track ant trails and locate where they live. As you'll learn, most any carpenter ant problem will involve multiple nests and if you wish to get rid of them you'll need to get all satellite nests. Hopefully you'll be able to locate the nests and if you can, treating them with DRIONE will provide the quickest control. If you're not able to locate nests and are at a loss for where they are living but see active worker ants, a thorough TERMIDOR application could resolve the problem. If all else fails, call a service company to do the treatment. Carpenter ants can cause a lot of damage and any activity on or around a structure is a sure sign of a nest close by. Letting it survive for any length of time could result in costly damage and therefore a thorough treatment of the area should be done to insure this isn't the case.

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February 9, 2011

guest @ 9:48 am #

Last summer we had lg black ants crawling virtually everywhere in the house. I purchased the Terro liquid ant killer which worked well about three years ago but didn't work this year for some strange reason. I would open up the cabinet under the sink or open up the dishwasher and they would scurry like cockroaches. As fall/winter approached they died down, but now I'm starting to see them primarily in my bedroom in the middle of winter. I usually see about 4 to 5 a day for now but I do fear that once spring arrives I will start to see more. I don't have any food in my room so I'm not sure why the are in my room. For now it seems they are in my room. Outside of my room is where we store our firweood could this be where they are coming from? I also have a sump pump in the basement that has an opening could they be coming from there?

Thank you

February 16, 2011

guest @ 10:09 pm #

We have seen 3 or 4 small black ants. Saw 2 in the kitchen on the floor and 2 in our second floor shower. Do you think they are carpenter ants? Its the middle of winter we live in wisconson. Can you send picture of carpenter ant.

May 30, 2011

guest @ 4:14 pm #

I have found big black ants with clear wings dead on my kitchen floor and by my front entrance door. I have found live ones crawling on my TV screen in the family room. My husband saw some in the grass outside. Today I found three dead ones by my baseboards in the family room hallway. What are they? How do I find out where their nest is? How do I kill them? Please help me out with this problem. I am always looking on the ground for them.

August 17, 2011

guest @ 8:31 am #

I find a large black ant or two every now and then. I find them in my first floor family room which is all wood walls and in my upstairs bedroom which has plaster walls. I have not seen any sawdust. I have also found them on me and that scares me. What can I do? Are they carpenter ants? A few years ago I had the exterminator to spray for carpenter ants because there was a nest in the roof which was found when the roof was being replaced. Do you think they have come back again?

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